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Audi A1 – The next best thing?

The Next Big Thing with the new up-and-coming A1 from Audi: the brand aims to break into the expanding subcompact segment. But can the new materials, surprising color combination, hi-tech equipment, stylish feel and economic engines make A1 the new star of densely-packed urban places? Times found the Ingolstadt carmaker in full expansion, but this will ultimately lead it to an unexplored terrain which is the small premium cars. It is known that the A2 was a failure despite the fact it proposed a great degree of novelty and remarkable ergonomics for its time. Anyway, the little A2 may seem ahead of it's time. The supermini car segment nowadays is beginning to be overcrowded after Mini was followed by Fiat 500, Alfa MiTo, and recently Citroen DS3. Interesting enough, both Fiat and Citroen had previous experiences in this car segmentwhich Audi had but one failed attempt, Fiat’s re-make being very well received. DS3 wasn’t a re-make but a completely refurbished anti-retro model. Audi stepped out of the crowd by managing to build it’s own premium mini from scratch and pure imagination as inspiring source which has all the other carmaker’s attributes. There was a simple recipe to that: around some designated proportions that offer ample space for four adults an automobile was sketched bearing in mind the key elements that comprise the Audi DNA: modern design, quality, efficiency and high-tech elements “borrowed” from the naval and aeronautic industry. Overall coupe shape, generous front grille, roof arch painted differently and large wheel passages make out a sporty silhouette boasting with personality. Add to this picture the front headlights with LED technology for daytime and backlights with 3D aspect and you may be in a roll. The interior as well doesn’t make any compromises to the fluid chassis design being spacious.

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