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2013 Jaguar XFR-S – photo gallery, video and complete information

2013 Jaguar XFR-S is the fastest saloon Jaguar has ever made, the super-sport model that will fight with BMW M5, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG or Audi RS6.

2013 Jaguar XFR-S

2013 Jaguar XFR-S

2013 Jaguar XFR-S performance model was unveiled by the British at the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show, at the official presentation. Presented under the title: “the fastest saloon car made by Jaguar” – the new XFR-S, is a more powerful, more hardcore version of the XFR model. Much of the work achieved in designing the XKR-S and XFR-S has its basis in the development of the F-type. “There’s more F-type learning than there is XKR-S,” said Mike Cross (Jaguar’s chief vehicle engineer).

2013 Jaguar XFR-S photo gallery

2013 Jaguar XFR-S – Design & Engine

The super-saloon that completes the Jaguar performance models range comes with the same shade of blue – French Racing Blue, and similar black ornaments as the Jaguar XKR-S. The front bumper receives a set of large air intakes improving airflow at high speeds, and the rear receives a modified bumper, taken from the XFR model, along with a carbon fiber spoiler.

2013 Jaguar XFR-S interior is pretty amazing, the car gets what Jaguar calls “carbon-effect leather,” used on the R-S models only, with stitching in red, blue or ivory, being reproduced across the top of the dashboard (only with aluminium trim).

Under the 2013 Jaguar XFR-S bonnet of is a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine that develops 550 hp (410 kW/558 PS) and 680 Nm (500 lb/ft).

Compared with the XFR model, we note an increase of 39 bhp and 41 lb/ft Nm, which provides good performance figures: 4.6 seconds for 0-62 mph (100 km/h), 0-100 mph time is likely to be “below 9 sec”, according to Mike Cross, and a top speed of 186 mph (300 km/h).

2013 Jaguar XFR-S has the F-type’s Quickshift transmission, in place of the standard six-speed automatic. Quickshift was first unveiled in the new F-type and gives the XFR-S an eight-speed automatic transmission, which can automatically adapt to driver’s demands.

The Quickshift transmission features what Jaguar calls Corner Recognition, by which it can detect when the car enters a bend and hold the right gear for leaving the corner. Having the XKR-S’s automatic transmission means that the new XFR-S also has the start-stop system. The British performance saloon also boasts with a new exhaust system which gives it a great sound.

The bodywork of 2013 Jaguar XFR-S hasn’t just an artistic or cooling effect, it offers 70% more aerodynamic downforce. Each aesthetic element of the new XFR-S is made of carbon fiber or contain parts made of carbon fiber. The suspension is now 30% more rigid and color range includes only five shades: French Racing Blue, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Polaris White and Italian Racing Red.

The indicated 20-inch alloy wheels (available in gloss black) are 25 mm wider than an XFR’s at the rear and 12.5 mm at the front. Tires are unique to the S family, with 265/35s at the front and 295/30s at the rear.

The 2013 Jaguar XFR-S price is £79,995 and will go on sale in May.

2013 Jaguar XFR-S Video

2013 Jaguar XFR-S via Jaguar

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