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Subaru Legacy Winter Challenge: Journalist Driving Impressions

No matter how much you may love cars, the winter often makes even the best drivers lose confidence in their driving ability. In a recent road test, Subaru put Canadians Journalists and enthusiasts in a series of dynamic driving exercises in simulated extreme winter weather conditions, not unlike the ones found in Canada.

2013 Subaru Legacy

Participants experienced an exclusive winter drive event with a focus on driving safety techniques, putting the 2013 Subaru Legacy head-to-head against select competitive FWD cars in a series of winter dynamic driving exercises. The Subaru Legacy is a winter warrior with AWD & handling, so it’s no wonder it crushed the competition. See the whole story in the online videos demonstrating the real world advantage of driving the Subaru Legacy.


  • Subaru Legacy is offered with two different engines: a 173 hp 4-cylinder or an optional 256-horsepower flat six.
  • All Subarus with the exception of the BRZ sports coupe come standard with full-time all-wheel drive.
  • The Subaru Legacy was rated as “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
  • Rated at 24 mpg city, 32 highway in testing, the Legacy 2.5i Limited delivered impressive real-world fuel economy at 27 mpg.

Subaru Legacy Winter Challenge: Journalist Driving Impressions


The Subaru Legacy was built for harsh winter conditions, so you can always drive with confidence. Learn more about it and how it did in the winter driving challenge here:


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