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Volkswagen Passat GT: the sports version only for United States

Volkswagen Passat GT is a sports version of the current generation Passat that addresses exclusively to customers in the United States. Passat GT has a 3.6-liter VR6 engine and 280 horsepower.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show in the autumn of 2016, Volkswagen revealed the Passat GT Concept, a sports version for Passat, claiming at that time that, with reasonable chances, it could get into serial production.

The Germans have kept their word and, at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show Detroit, revealed the official series version of Passat GT.

Volkswagen Passat GT: essential data

The series version of Volkswagen Passat GT largely keeps the design of the concept.

Volkswagen Passat GT benefits from over 20 design changes, including a lower suspension, a modified red line grid, a black ceiling, a slight modification of the LED headlights, a double exhaust and a front bumper borrowed from the R-Line range.

The rear bumper features a small black spoiler, while the LED taillights are darker.

Volkswagen states that the evacuation system has been improved with an “acoustic package” but does not go into detail on this subject.

For the Volkswagen Passat GT interior, the German car manufacturer has chosen to use carbon fiber for the dashboard and sport-seats with a combination of black and gray.

The Passat GT is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Volkswagen Car-Net App Connect and has two USB ports.

From a technical point of view, Volkswagen Passat GT borrows one of the engines available on the US version of the Passat, the 3.6-liter VR6 and 280 horsepower coupled to a six-speed automatic DSG transmission.

Volkswagen Passat GT will be available in a limited edition, starting with April, in only 4 shades of color: white, silver, gray and black.

Volkswagen Passat GT via Volkswagen USA

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