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Volkswagen Golf 7 – photo gallery, video and complete information

Volkswagen Golf 7 was finally revealed after a period of teasers trough a first official photo gallery and complete information. The new Golf, now in its seventh generation, aims to repeat the success of the legacy before it.

Volkswagen Golf 7

Volkswagen Golf Mk 7

One of the most popular cars in history, whose existence is tied to the lives of millions Volkswagen customers, officially debuts. Volkswagen Golf enters the auto world stage for the seventh time, ready to conquer the Wolfsburg brand’s customers loyal.

As anticipated before, Golf 7 is an evolution in design family, a family that always tends to borrow elements and aesthetic details from the most popular member. It goes without saying that we face a new design philosophy, which will make its way in the coming years on all models in the range. VW Golf Mk 7 is exactly what the previous generation did: it acts as a promoter of the new lines.

Volkswagen Golf 7 photo gallery

Volkswagen Golf 7 – Design: evolution, not revolution

The new design brings new glass areas to the A pillars level for better visibility when cornering, the back gets a little more cut line at the hatch level. The influence is felt even at the second doors row, which now benefits from sharper lines. Drag coefficient was improved by 10% to 0.27cX.

The front is dominated by a new grille, more discreet, and a set of optical blocks that betrays influences from the old generations. Basically here is the most noticeable design evolution. The headlights were elongated and sharpened to inspire more aggressiveness and sportiness, elements that in the case of the old Golf 6 received criticism. There will be LED lights, available only on higher equipment versions.

Design of the new Golf 7 is meant to be an evolution, not a revolution

Volkswagen Golf 7 – MQB modular platform and a 380 liters trunk

If at the aesthetic level there were no important changes, under the bodywork a real revolution happened. Volkswagen Golf 7is developed on the new aluminum MQB modular platform, the same for the new Audi A3. Thanks to the use of these lightweight materials, new generation Golf 7 loses up to 100 kilograms (220 lbs) of total weight. One aspect that will favorably influence fuel consumption and emissions.

2013 VW Golf 7 will be built in two plants of the WAG Group – Wolsfburg and Zwickau. The German model is longer by 5.6 centimeters compared to Golf 6 – 4,255 millimeters in length (168 inches), and the wheelbase has also been increased by about 6 centimeters, up to 2,637 mm (104 in). Because it is wider and shorter than Golf 6, new Golf 7 receives an aggressive and athletic look, while the driver sits 1.2 cm lower.

The boot also suffered enhancements of space, the extra 30 liters storage capacity resulting in a total of 380 liters (13.5 ft³). With the back seat folded 60/40, the total length of the loading area reached 1.55 meters (61 in). The compact car promises about 15 cm (6 in) in addition to rear passengers feet.

Volkswagen Golf 7 Interior – 8 inch touch screen and 64 GB hard

The interior continues the idea of evolution. The Germans kept the exemplary ergonomics and added high quality materials. In addition, the dashboard design strives to give you the impression that you are already in the premium segment, and everything is highly readable and easy to use. Red or blue ambient lights from the old model turned white, positioning of various controls on the dashboard and on the steering wheel being equally intuitive.

The Volkswagen Golf 7 customers can choose between displays of 5, 5.8 and 8 inches, the first of which is standard black and white. The 8 inch display will have a capacitive touchscreen multimedia system, a first in the history of the VW Golf. Moreover, the touchscreen has swipe functions, like those used on mobile phones to zoom on the navigation system maps or for browsing the audio albums available on the 64 GB hard drive.

An interesting novelty is the appearance of a proximity sensor for screen that recognizes the presence of a finger one centimeter from the monitor and immediately displays options that weren’t available. For example, in the GPS navigation mode, the screen is “filled” by the map, but when the finger is near the display some buttons appear that would otherwise “stolen” from the display size.

Volkswagen Golf 7 Technology – electric handbrake and more storage space

The Apple products are automatically integrated into Golf 7’s multimedia ecosystem, AUX and USB connections also being present. Another novelty is that the phone can be connected via a dedicated connector and the system is linked to the exterior car antenna to provide a better signal while protecting the battery.

The handbrake on Volkswagen Golf 7 isn’t mechanical, but electronic and the new space from the center console – thanks to the missing lever – gave to VW designers the opportunity to “invent” useful spaces for passengers.

The dashboard is dominated by an 8 inch touchscreen

Also worth mentioning in terms of technology are the driving assistance systems available on Touareg, Phaeton and Passat CC, and now also available in the compact segment. It’s the ACC – adaptive cruise control system that automatically controls the distance from the car ahead, City Emergency Braking (automatic emergency brake in the city up to 30 km/h – 20 mph), Lane Departure Assist (a lane departure warning ), Traffic Sign Recognition – a package that monitors the fatigue level of the driver and an OPS parking assist system with top view.

Volkswagen Golf 7 Engines and fuel efficiency

Regarding the engines, the new Golf 7 is still largely mysterious. Now we know that the 1.4-liter TSI engine and 140 horsepower with cylinder deactivation system will be part of the “attack line” of the German model. It will be able to provide a combined average fuel consumption of 4.8 liters/100 km. Besides the new engine, the petrol engine range will consist of units from 1.2 liters up to 1.4 liters, with power ranging from 85 to 150 horsepower. We aren’t speaking of the GTI version, which will offer more than 200 horsepower.

For those who prefer diesel, the basic version will be a 105 hp TDI, that will consume 3.8 liters/100 km under mixed environment. Along with this engine, a higher version will be available, with a capacity of 2.0 liters, ready to offer 150 horsepower.

Later, the range will be complemented by an eco BlueMotion version that promises a consumption of 3.2 liters/100 km and emissions of 85 g/km.

The driver will have five different driving programs (Eco, Sport, Normal, Comfort and Individual) and progressive steering mechanism with different feedback depending on speed and road conditions, will also be available as an option.

All engines available in the new Volkswagen Golf 7 range will be available as standard with a 6-speed manual gearbox. In the list of options will be found, however, a DSG dual-clutch transmission with six or seven speeds. Finally, all Golf 7 versions will receive the start-stop system and energy regeneration lost at braking to reduce consumption.

Volkswagen Golf 7 Video

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