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The new Skoda Fabia 2014 has Officially entered Production

Historic moment in the Skoda factory from Mlada Boleslav. The Czechs started production of the third generation of Fabia scheduled to make an appearance at the Paris Motor Show 2014.


The first copy off the production line of the Czech factory is a Skoda painted in Race Blue, subjected to rigorous testing before leaving the factory gate.
Before the beginning of the production there were a series of adjustments and renovation works at Mlada Boleslav plant; all performed during factory holidays. During this period, which lasted until the middle of August no less than 40 companies specializing in production technology, along with hundreds of experts participated in the factory reconfiguration.
More mature, Fabia 3 receives lines reminiscent of its smaller brother, Polo along witch also shares the production platform. In other words, this Czech model misses the MQB platform, already found at the Skoda Octavia.


Customers have more options for customizing their Fabia’s as they have ever had. There are 15 exterior colors to choose from plus a concept that allows those who buy the new model to choose individual colors for their ceiling, mirror and wheels. Josef Kaban – Skoda Design Director

8 mm shorter than the older generation, the new 2014 Skoda Fabia comes with a more spacious interior. On the shoulders it increased by 21 mm for passengers front and 2 mm for the rear. The trunk also increased by 15 liters, reaching a total of 330 liters. It is the largest capacity in the segmen and 10 liters larger than that offered by the Dacia Sandero. If you decide to fold your back seat, trunk space offered by the new 2014 Fabia reaches 1,150 liters.


Skoda Fabia 2014 borrowed the engine from Polo

Differences between Polo facelift – recently released – and the new Skoda Fabia 2014 are minor. On the gasoline variant, customers will have to choose between engines with power ranging from 60 to 110 hp, the latter being a revised unit obtained from a 1.2 TSI 105 hp. Those who prefer diesel engines can buy a 1.4 TDI of 75, 90 or 105 horsepower, depending on your preference and budget. There will also be a Greenline version of this engine with 75 hp and average consumption of only 3.1 announced liters / 100 km.

Skoda Fabia 2014 – engines available at launch
1.0 MPI 60 CP 1.4 TDI 75 CP
1.0 MPI 75 CP 1.4 TDI 75 CP Greenline
1.2 TSI 90 CP 1.4 TDI 90 CP
1.2 TSI 110 CP 1.4 TDI 110 CP

The third-generation Fabia will try to follow in the footsteps of his predecessors, which had great success on the market. Since 1999, the year the first Fabia copy seen the light of day, the global subcompact model was sold in over 3.4 million copies, becoming the second highest selling product in the range, after Octavia. The official price for the new Skoda Fabia 2014 is currently unknown but it should be available during its launch at the Paris Motor Show 2014.


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