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RenaultSport Megane Estate GT, a 220 hp version of the compact wagon

RenaultSport has developed a limited version of Megane Estate GT that comes with a 2.0 Turbo engine borrowed from Megane RS. The special edition will be available in many markets across Europe.

Renault Megane RS is a genuine hot-hatch and RenaultSport division, responsible for its existence, decided to develop a special version of Megane Estate. The result is called RenaultSport Megane Estate GT 220. The new variant comes with a less powerful version of the 2 liter Turbo engine from Megane RS, with 220 hp and 340 Nm.

Megane Estate GT Renault

RenaultSport Megane Estate GT 2013

The model is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. Representatives from Renault announced that the model will be sold in 12 markets across the world, France being on top of this list. If Renault would have used the standard engine found on Megane RS, they would have obtained the most powerful compact station wagon in the world, surpassing the ST version of the Ford Focus Wagon, which develops 250 hp.

Megane Estate GT 220 is proof that a car can be practical and still provide amazing performance. It has all the qualities of a sports car, but answering all customers needs each day .” Jean-Maxime Boulanger, Product Manager at RenaultSport.

Renault has not announced many details regarding Megane Estate GT 220’s performance, but the French say the model has a combined consumption of 7.3 liters /100km. and emits 169 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Compared to Renault Megane Estate standard, it comes with a calibrated suspension, a more efficient braking system, a recalibrated power steering and factory tires taken from Megane RS Coupe.

Megane Estate GT 220 Exterior

Renault Megane Estate GT

RenaultSport Megane Estate GT Rear

This truly is a beautiful car: Megane Estate GT 220 comes with a number of different aesthetic elements such as gloss black trims, a rear diffuser, a set of roof racks, 18-inch alloy wheels and a set of front vents.

Megane Estate GT 220 Interior

Inside Megane Estate GT 220 we find a new gear changer, with a different design, specifying the number owned from its limited series, a sports steering wheel, sports pedal set, red accents upholstery and a set of sporty front seats.

RenaultSport Megane Estate GT

RenaultSport Megane Estate GT Interior 2013

Renault Megane Estate GT 220: Probably the best car from Renault

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