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Mini Cooper Roadster – first info and official images

Mini presented the first official pictures and information of the new Roadster: Mini Cooper Roadster. The new 2012 Mini Cooper Roadster debut on the European auto market will take place in early 2012.

Mini Cooper Roadster

Mini Cooper Roadster

Mini introduced the sixth model of the range: Cooper Roadster. This is the first two-seat convertible in the English model’s history and is based on the new Mini Coupe. Among the specific elements of Mini Cooper Roadster are included the soft-top and manually operated height by 20 millimeters (0.8 inches) lower than that of the Mini Convertible. The British are continue to proud themselves with the kart like handling and a low center of gravity. Body of the new Mini Cooper Roadster has a high torsional rigidity and optimized aerodynamic properties.

Mini Cooper Roadster DESIGN

The British say that the new Mini Cooper Roadster is the only premium model in the segment, in addition to being the first model of its kind in the history of the brand. The design principles used on the Mini models were applied strictly by the designers, surfaces having harmonious and athletic curves, with parallel lines complemented by a windshield tilted 13 degrees more than the standard version of the Mini Convertible. The boot lid is flat, and the cockpit is oriented around those two seats, in the Mini style, of course. Headlights and front grille are among the most recognizable elements at Mini Cooper Roadster, with the emblematical rectangular taillights.

Mini Cooper Roadster Wallpaper Gallery

Mini Cooper Roadster ENGINES

The Mini Cooper Roadster range is available since the launch in the company of four engines. Three of them are powered by gasoline, while the fourth sips diesel. The two petrol engines are supercharged, while the entry-level version is aspirated.

The engine range offers between 122 and 211 hp, depending on how thirsty for adrenaline is the new Mini Cooper Roadster owner. Roadster versions Cooper Roadster, Cooper S Roadster and Cooper SD Roadster are offered with a manual transmission and an automatic transmission, both with six gears.

The top of the Mini Cooper Roadster range is offered only with a manual six reports. The engines enjoy a variable valve control system, derived from BMW’s Valvetronic, while the turbo models have twin-scroll turbine. All engine versions of the Mini Cooper Roadster benefit in standard from the Minimalism technology, which further reduce CO2 emissions.

Version Mini Cooper Roadster Mini Cooper S Roadster Mini Cooper JCW Roadster Mini Cooper SD Roadster
Cylinder 1,598 1,598 1,598 1,995
Power/rpm 122/6.000 184/5.500 211/6.000 143/4.000
Torque/rpm 160/4.250 240/1.600-5.000 260/1.850-5.600 305/1.750-2.700
0-100 km/h (0-60) 9.2 7.0 6.5 8.1
Top speed (km/h) 199 227 237 212
Medium cons. 5.7 6.0 7.3 4.5


Mini Cooper Roadster EQUIPMENT

The standard Mini Cooper Roadster enjoys DSC, ABS, EBD, Cornering Brake Control, Brake Assist with hill start assistant, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), with electronic differential control system offered optionally.

Customers are provided with a multimedia system with Mini Connected application, which allows connecting the machine to the Internet via an iPhone. Then, the user can enjoy all MiniConnected functions. Active rear spoiler comes standard and automatically extends at speeds above 80 km/h (50 mph). The anti-roll bars on board are made of polished stainless steel and has a soft finish in the front.

The new Mini Cooper Roadster has a manual roof folding system. Mini says that this element guarantees an extra spontaneity because the system is faster than its electric operation. The folding down is made at any speed, by turning a handle grip and move the roof in one single motion into the storage place. For the refolding, the driver must press a button located between the rollover protection bars, the roof extends to an affordable level for driver, thanks to integrated gas shock absorber and then caught by the driver and pulls the lever for fixing the roof back into place.

Nice little fancy car is this new Mini Cooper Roadster, hope you enjoy it.

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