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Jeep will launch a competitor for Juke in 2014

The SUV subcompact segment is invaded by another offroad model as Jeep wants a slice of the crossover pie.

jeep launches juke competitor

Jeep enters Crossover Market

Known especially for its cars built for offroad, Jeep wants to keep up with fashion preparing to launch a model dedicated to customers who want more color in their lifes.

The first Jeep model in the SUV B-segment will have to match its strength with Nissan Juke, Opel Mokka and Chevrolet Trax.

We feel that there is room for a Jeep model in this segment. It will be a true SUV in this rapidly growing niche. Chris Ellis, Jeep Director Europe.

The new Jeep crossover will be built on the Fiat 500L platform, under the close collaboration that Fiat and Chrysler Group had in recent years. Moreover, the new Jeep model – whose name is not known – will be a very close relative of the future Fiat 500X, a cross model created on the same platform.

Among the goals Jeep has with the launch of the new crossover model we see brand increased sales and brand promotion on markets where the Americans had a slower impact, such as Europe. Obviously, dividing production costs between models of the same segment is another matter that Fiat and Chrysler had in mind when they decided to develop the city SUVs.

2014 Jeep Crossover Specs

notable difference in this segment between Jeep model and the rest of its competitors will be the off-road ability, the future American model will come with brand pedigree and offer all-wheel drive as standard: “The new model will be identified as an authentic Jeep while being the best car in the crossover segment in terms of performance on the road. In other words, a new Jeep that keeps the brand’s essence in its bones” said Chris Ellis, head of Jeep Europe.

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