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Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Golf Cabrio – world premiere

Volkswagen brings to Geneva Motor Show 2011 the new Golf VI Cabrio. This name is returning to the German manufacturer’s range after an absence of 12 years. Latest Volkswagen Golf convertible was made on the Golf III platform and presented a number  of Golf IV features.

Volkswagen presented the official pictures of the new Golf Cabriolet. The model is based on three-door version of the Golf VI and could replace Eos in the range. If Eos and Golf Cabrio exist in parallel, this could lead to confusion among customers and the cannibalization of sales of two models – in addition, the wheelbase is identical, differing by 30 mm length and width varies by only 11 mm. Soft-top roof is electro-hydraulically engaged and can be lowered or fitted into place in just 9.5 seconds. Influence of three-door version of the Golf is more than obvious, the only difference between the two models being the ceiling and the A, B and C pillars.

Regarding the engines, customers can choose between six Otto supercharged engines equipped with direct injection, four TSI engine and two TDI engines. The least powerful engine offered in the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet is a 1.2 Tsi 105 bhp, while the most powerful engine of choice is from the Golf GTI and offers210 bhp. Golf VI Convertible is offered in two diesel versions: one of them has a 105 hp 1.6 TDI engine, while more powerful versions have an engine intake of 2.0 liters and 140 hp. The 1.6 TDI version can be ordered with a seven-speed DSG transmission.

The price for basic version of the Volkswagen Golf VI Cabrio starts at 23,625 euros with VAT included on the German market. Prices for other markets will be announced soon. Debut will take place at the Geneva 2011. Although the Golf has reached the sixth generation of this model, the convertible is only at the fourth generation. The explanation behind this statement is that the production of Volkswagen Golf I Cabrio has been extended throughout the manufacturing period of the Volkswagen Golf II, then was followed by Volkswagen Golf III Cabrio. Convertible version of the Volkswagen Golf IV Cabrio was actually a Golf III facelift. The fifth generation of the Golf convertible was called the Eos, but it seems that the Germans have changed their mind.

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