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Frankfurt 2011 Live: Volkswagen – Eco and Testosterone

Volkswagen came at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 with Beetle R Concept, a prototype that will demonstrate all that this city model is also address to men.


Volkswagen – Eco and Testosterone

The Volkswagen German stand was full of bold ideas, and here we refer to the entire family of little Up! and the Nils Concept. If all eyes were attracted by the eco VW Up!, or VW Buggy Up!, certainly the applause was directed towards Volkswagen Beetle R Concept. With this appearance, Volkswagen wanted to prove once again that the new Beetle is addressed also to men.

IAA 2011 Live: Volkswagen Photo Gallery

Volkswagen Beetle R Concept

Volkswagen Beetle R Concept was exposed at the German stand painted all in Serious Grey and received some 20″ Talladega aluminum wheels. Under the Beetle R Concept bonnet the Germans installed a 2.0-liter TSI turbocharged engine bound to a DSG six reports gearbox. The power that the engine delivers to the little Beetle R was not disclosed by the Volkswagen officials. In order to be controlled, Volkswagen Beetle R Concept received oversized brake discs and the calipers have four pistons.

In the design section, front bumper was lowered closer to the ground and received three ventilation grilles. The one on the middle of the car fuels the engine with oxygen, and the other two on the sides are used to cool the brakes. There are also air intakes on the hood to remove excess heat from the engine. At the rear, Volkswagen Beetle R Concept is distinguished by two chrome exhaust pipes. Inside, Nappa leather blends perfectly with the R logo and sports seats.

Volkswagen Beetle R Concept Photo Gallery

Volkswagen Up!

This year Volkswagen has risked everything on the little Up! model range. The youngest prodigy of the manufacturer from Wolfsburg has enjoyed a good reception from the public, who could admire all the family variants cut to meet the various demands. VW Up! family list is quite generous: Buggy Up!, e-Up!, White Up!, GT Up!, Eco Up!, Up! Azzura Sailing Team, Cross Up!.

Volkswagen presented at Frankfurt Motor Show the new Up!. The new city model from Germany will have a length of 3540 mm (140 inches), 1640 mm (65 inches) wide and 1489 mm (60 inches) in height. VW Up! is able to carry four adults and offers a trunk with a capacity of 251 liters, and if the rear seats are folded, the model offers a volume reaching 951 liters.

Volkswagen Up! Photo Gallery

Volkswagen Up! is based on a MQB platform, a modular structure that was designed to be used in future years also on Polo, Golf or Passat. In the engine section, the Germans will initially offer two versions of the 1.0-liter with three-cylinder engine. The first will develop 60 hp, while the supercharged version will be able to provide 75 horsepower. Also, Volkswagen has prepared an LPG version which produces 68 horsepower. In terms of fuel consumption, Volkswagen officials have announced that 60 hp version equipped with the BlueMotion technology and Start/Stop system will travel 100 kilometers on just 4.2 liters. Volkswagen Up! will be available in three equipment versions suggestively named by the Germans: the entry-level version is called take Up!, followed by move Up!, and the top version was named high Up!.

Volkswagen e-Up!

The Germans came to Frankfurt with a study that prefigures an electric version of VW Up!. To realize that we are talking about an electric version, the Germans operated a number of changes on the aesthetic level, especially in front of the car. It has been decided: a production version of VW e-Up! will be launched on the auto market in 2013,” said Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen board member.

Volkswagen Buggy Up!

Volkswagen Buggy Up!

Volkswagen Buggy Up!

With a ground clearance reduced by 20 mm, VW Buggy Up! give up the trunk and the rear pillar and adopts an open structure, similar to a conventional cabrio. However, in the lower bodywork, the concept reminds of the model from which it is inspired: the optical blocks are from VW Up!, the bumpers are slightly restyled, and the bonnet is retouched to inspire a more aggressive air. Inside of VW Buggy Up!, there is a lowering of the seats with 58 mm and a repositioning of the steering wheel to provide for the driver and the passenger a kart ride feeling. The sound system is not missing, which can receive media tracks stored on iPhone or iPod, nor the interior upholstery with water resistant materials.

Volkswagen GT Up!

Through the GT Up! concept the Germans wanted to present somewhat a more potent version of the little city model. Thus, VW GT Up! concept produces 100 horsepower and only a 900 kg mass, make from VW GT Up! a much more dynamic and fun to drive little car.

Volkswagen GT Up!

Volkswagen GT Up!

Volkswagen Nils Concept

Volkswagen also presented IAA 2011 an electric concept called Nils. Nils Concept represents Volkswagen‘s vision in terms of minimalist urban transport, has only one seat, a 20 hp engine and a range of 64 kilometers. Charging is done in two hours. The Nils Concept weighs about 500 kilograms (1102 pounds) and was developed jointly with the Transportation Ministry of Germany. Thanks to its one seat, Volkswagen engineers were able to make Nils as small as possible.

Volkswagen Nils Concept Photo Gallery

Volkswagen Nils has an electric motor of 20 hp, but it can offer 33 hp for short periods of time. The battery that powers this engine has a capacity of 5.3 kWh and fully charges in just two hours. The charging port is located under the rear stop, while the batteries and the engine were placed under the floor, providing space for a mini trunk. Volkswagen Nils Concept has a speed limited to 130 km/h (81 mph), and autonomy is 65 kilometers (41 miles). The electric motor has a mass of only 19 kg (42 pounds), while the entire vehicle weighs 453 kg (999 pounds).

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