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What the new Dodge Viper and a naked women on a beach have in common?

Chrysler Group’s chief designer uses an interesting comparison in an interview that talks about the next generation Dodge Viper.

The next generation of the Dodge Viper, which will be launched on the market in 2013, promises a truly attractive designs and shapes. Reason: The design of the new model will be inspired by the forms of a naked women sitting on the beach”, which means that we will have a car really sexy in every sense of the word.

The information comes from Ralph Gilles, director of design at Chrysler, which argues that the new Dodge Viper‘s design lines will form the basis of a model that will compete successfully with those from Porsche and especially the Chevrolet Corvette, historical Dodge’s rival.

Under that Ralph Gilles, the new Dodge Viper will not target sites related to sales, but profitability. In addition, we confirm that the engines will not be taken from  Ferrari trough collaboration between Fiat and Chrysler Group. In terms of event marketing in the U.S. American model, we have good news: yes, the new Dodge Viper will be purchased from the Old Continent, the only constraint being that the model will have a limited edition for Europe.

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