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Ford Mustang is the most wanted Classic car by Europeans

The muscular shapes of the Ford Mustang didn’t just charmed the Americans. 35% of the Europeans who responded to an online survey said that the American muscle car is the classic car they always wanted.

Ford Mustang - the most wanted classic car

Ford Mustang is the most wanted classic car in Europe. At least that’s what a study conducted on the AutoScout24 portal claims. Results of the survey say that the Ford muscle car launched in 1964 managed to overcome models that have made history for their brands, such as BMW M1 or Volkswagen Beetle.

Ford Mustang – the classic muscle car

Ford Mustang won the “competition” at considerable distance with the two European classics. 37% of the 75,000 survey participants claiming that their dream car would be a classic Ford Mustang. BMW M1 gathered 20% of the votes, while the Beetle completed the podium with 11%.

Ford Mustang – the new model will be officially brought by Ford to Europe from next year – celebrates 50 years of existence in 2014, being one of the cars that have colored the American culture and history of the second half of the last century.

Classic Ford Mustang muscle car

“Mustang is more than a car, is freedom on the open road and the spirit of sporty driving. Mustang was, nearly half a century, an important part of the global car culture and is one of the most recognizable models in the world”, said Roeland de Waard, vice president of marketing and sales of Ford Europe.

Ford Mustang via Ford Europe

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