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Ford Mustang RTR

Ford Mustang RTR limited series was introduced by the famous Formula D pilot, Vaughn Gittin Jr. The new Mustang model comes with over 600 hp, and promises a handling similar to the one of an European sports car.

Ford Mustang RTR

Fort Mustang RTR 2012

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is one of the best and most famous drivers from Formula Drift, and his passion for Ford Mustang knows no bounds. He was chosen to present the new Ford Mustang RTR, a car that promises a lot and joins the competition on the European market.

Ford Mustang RTR 2012 photo gallery

Ford Mustang RTR Vaughn Gittin Jr

The suspension was first to be removed and we’re now talking about a newly replaced, more powerful suspension, made especially for the track. If 600 hp is not enough for you, you may optionally for a package that increases the engine output to 624 hp. Fortunately, Ford did not stop there and brought other interesting design features, giving the Mustang RTR a more aggressive look.

The front of the car was slightly modified , a rear spoiler was added and we also have a diffuser that emphasizes the sporty look of this pure American Muscle Car. Did we’ve mentioned four 19-inch wheels? A touch of elegance for sure.

If you’re more after the looks and not the brain, you can choose a package that includes only these design elements for the amount of $ 6,250. If you want it all, go for the $ 11,995 package that includes the suspension and engine upgrades as well.

Whatever you plan to do, hurry up because the Ford Mustang RTR is a limited edition!

Ford Mustang RTR via | vaughngittin.com

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