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3 Low Cost Ways to Modify Your Muscle Car

Do heads turn to catch a glimpse of your mean muscle machine every time you cruise down the boulevard?  If jaws aren’t dropping, don’t sweat it, we’re here to help.

“The” Muscle Car

American muscle cars defined a generation and changed the automobile industry forever. Never again, would teenagers be able buy such juiced up rides to occupy those late-night hours.

It was an era when gas was 20 cents a gallon and street races were found on every corner. And while many consumer cars evolved, the passion for muscle vehicles never wavered.

Low Cost Tricks

Today, muscle cars are as popular as when they dominated the roadways in the 60s. Restoring and modifying these cherished classics remains a huge industry. Here are three easy ways to electrify your hotrod without burning your bank account.

1)      Unleash your engine’s inner demon by installing a performance exhaust system. They instantly increase horsepower, torque and even gas mileage. On top of that, exhaust systems add a menacing growl that’s sure to send chills down the spines of timid neighbors.

2)      There’s only one upgrade out there that boosts both your curb appeal and corner carving ability; a lowering spring kit. Tweaking your ride’s center of gravity, they deliver track-worthy turning power and give your auto an aggressive stance.

3)      A quality paint job is what separates a timeless classic from the neighborhood eye sore. The only way to prevent peeling paint and other unsightly wear is to slap a custom car cover on your mean machine.

Like putting your exterior in a time capsule, they halt damage. Even better, many are made to fit every curve and pocket of your year, make and model.

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