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LA Auto Show 2011: Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift – restyling “Prince Charming”

One of the most attractive models from the Volkswagen brand received a new design philosophy: Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift. The facelift brings a new look and a range of technology available on Volkswagen Passat.

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift

After Passat, who recently received the mark of the new Volkswagen design directions, the time has come for the new design philosophy to be found also on the most beautiful interpretation of the medium sedan from Wolfsburg. Volkswagen Passat CC facelift align itself with the current design line which included the entire Volkswagen family, from the small VW Up! to VW Phaeton.

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift Wallpaper Gallery

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift – Design

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift is being renewed on the occasion of the LA Auto Show 2011. In fact, now it is “wrong” to talk about Passat CC. That’s because along with the facelift, Volkswagen gives up the name Passat in the title.

The new Volkswagen Passat CC facelift introduces the conservative line headlights, chrome grille with five prominent lines, larger projectors, with clear glass and chromed outline and daytime LED lights, a whim that no one can deny it. Wheels also changes, posterior receives other lights, also with the LED technology, and the evacuation keeps the two terminations, but adjacent.

On the interior of the new Volkswagen Passat CC facelift no changes were made, but the equipment list has been extended, including now generous standard features and new technologies: bi-xenon lights, sensor to detect fatigue, RCD 310 radio, safety systems like Side Assist Plus , Lane Assist and Dynamic Light Assist.

Volkswagen Passat CC Facelift – Engines

Under the hood we find engines that we were already used to them.

The petrol engines available on Volkswagen Passat CC facelift are: 1.8 TSI and 160 hp, 2.0 TSI and 210 hp and the flagship 3.6-liter V6 FSI and 300 horsepower.

For those who prefer diesel engines, Volkswagen Passat CC facelift keeps the two power versions: 2.0 TDI with 140 respectively 170 hp. These last two versions come equipped as standard with the start/stop system technology and the brake energy recovery system.

The new Volkswagen Passat CC facelift it’s more sober, so we tend to think the car is made to be successful in North America were the petrol engines and the chrome on exterior is well received in USA, where Volkswagen doesn’t have the same results as in Europe.

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