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Review: The new Jaguar XJ

The new Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ: There are lots of words to say about the new Jaguar XJand for sure every detail of this car will work up your interest: interior designed by people with imagination, brilliant in terms of driver and luxury for passenger.

 Jaguar XJ

the new Jaguar XJ

For the new Jaguar XJ there are available two V8 engines of 5.0 liter on gasoline. The normally aspirated develops 385 HP and provides sufficient power to ensure the daily needs, but if you look for outright performance then you should choose SuperCharged version of 510-HP because the kind of accelerations provided by this version is memorable. Jaguar is one of the savviest companies in the world when it comes to regulating adaptive dampers, and this is apparent in the way Jaguar XJ floats on poorly paved roads.

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Jaguar XJ – the review

Refinement is the essence of the new Jaguar XJ, a 5 meters long car, the wind and rolling noises are very well insulated so you can chat with passengers in the back seat without raising your voice. The diesel engine has that specific sound at idle, but when lying on the road, only the lower gradations of the speed make the difference between diesel and gasoline engines.

It is good to know that Jaguar XJ is actually not inexpensive, so you’ll have to fork out just over 75,000 Euros (L65,392) for the cheaper version. And if you choose the S / C 510 HP, you must be ready to cope with consumption problem.

As expected, the Jaguar XJ comes in standard with all helpful electronic systems for driver and all passengers are well protected by a series of airbags. In addition, the hood is designed to protect the pedestrians in case of impact. We quite rarely can see an interior so inspired and so functional.

All the elements of the new Jaguar XJ speak volumes about luxury, quality and functionality.The way the designers have managed to combine tradition with the future says a lot about the attention that the new Jaguar XJ has been built.

All the Jaguar XJ versions are extremely well equipped, with leather, electrically adjustable seats, multi-zone climate control and touchscreen display. Even so, there are many toys that you can opt for a fee, including a superb Bowers and Wilkins audio system and a multimedia system for rear seats.

Potential customers can bet on the new Jaguar XJ and will surely win because luxury, quality and functionality are the principles of this car and of course, let’s not forget about the optional pampering, available in enough variants.

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