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Paris Motor Show 2010: The New Passat

The New Passat Reigns over the Volkswagen Stand at Paris Motor Show 2010

The seventh generation of the famous German Volkswagen Passat variant is presented as a world premiere at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

As bizarre as it may seem, Volkswagen manufacturers compare the new Passat (in terms of style) with their top-range vehicle Phaeton, a car that has not witnessed a great success in sales.

The new Volkswagen Passat, displayed at Paris Motor Show, emphasizes the fact that the German mid-size vehicle borrowed many features from the VW Jetta sedan, representing a facelift of the well-known Volkswagen Golf.

In fact, Volkswagen Passat does not have a very strong personality. Being more sober, it was designed as a truly solid Geman car, as if the designers lost their interest in originality, their only concern being the mark on the brand image.

The front side of the car is simply massive and edgy, while the round taillights have been replaced with straight-edged one- very similar to those of Volkswagen Sharan. Furthermore, the interior does not offer great surprises to its passengers. The manufacturers preserved the classic Passat ambiance. On the other hand, on the central tunnel there dropped in some buttons, vaguely reminiscent of the Porche Panamera. The luxury sensation is really weak, even if the quality of the materials used is evident. However, the existing Volkswagen Passat customers will notice that the new variant has not seen many changes in this field. The upholstery and the plastic elements vary depending on the equipment level. Frankly, in a Passat interior you cannot escape a certain Spartan feeling.

The Paris Motor Show visitors have the possibility to try an interesting gadget of the new VW Passat: the automatic opening system of the trunk from a sensor located under the rear bumper. Theoretically, it is necessary only a leg movement in the respective area. Basically, you must learn the “movement”. There will be also available high-performance diesel models equipped with AWD system.

The VW engine will be a 1.2 TSI, which will unmask 105 hp from under the hood. Still, the most wanted VW engines will be the 2.0 TDI as well as the 2.O TFSI, that can develop 211 hp.

All in all, the Volkswagen Passat displayed at Paris Motor Show is addressed to those who wish to own a secure German car. From another point of view, the vehicle is placed at the edge between luxury and accessibility: being, maybe, too expansive for a family car, but in the same way, quite affordable for a business vehicle. The German manufacturers hope that the new VW Passat will be a success in America, considering that it will manage to fill the gap left by Toyota in the auto market. Also, they are expected to reduce the car price, in order to make it more alluring for VW fans.

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