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Paris Motor Show 2010: Mercedes CLS & Smart Escooter

Mercedes CLS The 2nd, Smart Scooter The 1st

Mercedes Benz stand at Paris Motor Show 2010 has been dominated by one of the most anticipated life-style premieres of the year: the ravishing Mercedes CLS.

Germans have also displayed at the Motor Show one of the most adorable mopeds: Smart Escooter.

The CLS model was created in 2003, being a new range of vehicles that has embodied in the same concept (for the first time) a coupe with a sedan.

The Mercedes CLS second generation preserve the spectacular proportions of its ancestors: the large hood, narrow and frameless side windows and a dynamic folding ceiling.

Probably the most attractive aspect of the CLS variant, the frontal design, is similar to that of the Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS. From a visual standpoint, the radiator grille is not integrated in the hood, a detail which emphasizes the astonishing well-defined proportions of the vehicle. In the same way, the grid is eclipsed by the star placed in its center, enunciating the affinities between the new CLS and the other coupe cars, being the mark of the German brand. Another distinctive feature displayed by the CLS at Paris Motor Show 2010 is represented by the full LED headlights- a world premiere- that offer all the dynamic attributes of the latest LED technology.

From another point of view, the vehicle is really large, creating the impression of kinship with the C-Class sedan. However, in terms of design, the new CLS is a successful life-style car, which will seduce many car fans.

Although at a first glance it seems more pragmatic than in the case of the previous variants, the interior of the Mercedes CLS is truly luxurious. Still, it is addressed to those who wish to own a car furnished with the latest technology gadgets. The rear doors are quite small; yet the improvement brought to the new CLS is represented by a larger trunk, emphasizing the idea of an evolved practical character.

The new Mercedes CLS will have to demonstrate its great technological evolution, considering the fact that at Paris Motor Show 2010 the German manufacturers have mostly impressed their visitors with the economic SRB. It may become quite difficult for CLS The 2nd to maintain its leader position in the four-door coupe field, a rank gained easily by CLS The 1st.

A very charming appearance at Paris Motor Show 2010 was represented by the electric moped concept- Smart Escooter. Its style is dominated by simplicity, but also by a young and adventurous spirit.

The moped is powered by a 4Kw (3hp) engine, with a 80Ah-volt lithium-ion battery pack, offering a top speed of 28mph (45kph). An interesting fact about Smart Escooter is that while braking, it recharges the battery pack. However, for a complete recharge one must simply use a standard charging plug. It takes only 3 to 5 hours for a full recharge. Moreover, the Smart Escooter is equipped with a solar panel that adds some energy to the batteries when the weather is sunny.

The moped can offer a truly comfortable journey, being “furnished” with heated handgrips, smart phone connection (used to provide speed, range and map information), an airbag, anti-lock brake system and a Blind Spot Assist programme. The under seat compartment provides enough space to store all you need for a drive.

The Smart Escooter is perfect for the “eco-friendly” drivers, having zero carbon dioxide emissions.

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