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BMW 6 Series Concept at 2010 Paris Motor Show

The BMW stands at Paris Motor Show 2010 are full of interesting cutting-edge concepts. The hallmark of the presentation seems to be the gorgeous BMW 6 Series Concept. High- quality design, performance and outstanding efficiency are the words that best describe the new BMW.

BMW 6 Series Concept

BMW 6 Series Concept

The long awaited BMW concept is not likely to reserve surprises for its admirers, being clearly the coupe follower of BMW 5 Series. The challenging and maverick Bangle style has been replaced by a more serious and sober one, BMW 6 Series puffing classy dynamism.

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BMW 6 Series Concept Design

The headlights and the grille do not have the same revolutionary size and shape as in the case of the BMW 6 Series Concept predecessors. However, they manage to create the BMW specific “shark nose” appearance. The back of the car counts on its horizontal lines in order to create an impression of great width, while the sporty aggressiveness has become more subtle.

Nonetheless, the BMW manufacturers have displayed at Paris Motor Show 2010 a masterpiece. Notable is the discreet positioning of the discharging areas, which have been shrewdly integrated in the overall design of the vehicle. Thus, the BMW team tries to detach its concepts from the image of brute force and polluting cars. BMW 6 Series concept has a sleek silhouette, its central edge and the wheels with large rims (22”) creating in ones mind the image of a luxurious and dynamic Grand Tourism.

On the other hand, the interior of the car represents a stylistic evolution, maintaining the same themes as in the case of 5 Series. Still, the driver’s cockpit is well defined. BMW 6 Series represents, in a way, a return to origins, emphasizing visual simplicity, which actually hides the latest technology and electronic gadgets.

Paris Motor Show visitors have also the chance to admire the rebel asymmetric design of the central console, which is placed in front of the driver. Also, the Germans chose to combine the leather upholstery with aluminum and wood elements. The BMW Concept 6 Series Coupe paves the way for a new futuristic car image. Furthermore, the driver of this exclusivist car will be enchanted by the 10.2 inch control display of the iDrive system in the center of the instrument panel. Total relaxation and entertainment are assured by the HI-FI audio system, specially designed for the Concept 6 Series Coupe, enclosing the high-quality Danish components of Bang & Olufsen.

The full-LED headlights, for the first time available on a BMW, produce a pure and powerful white light which offers the driver the comfort of a highly enlightened journey. Moreover, they embody adaptive light functionality. During daytime, the headlights take the form of LED rings, a detail which places the vehicle amongst the most alluring cars in the branch.

All in all, the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept is considered to be the ambassador of the Bavarian vehicles at Paris Motor Show 2010. Its unique mixture of refinement, dynamism and originality creates an attractive vehicle for both family and adventurous persons. Its luxurious image would enrapture any road, in any season.

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BMW 6 Series Concept via BMW

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