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McLaren X-1 – Mesmerizing

McLaren X-1 is created by McLaren Special Operations, a unique automobile ordered by an anonymous collector. The only copy was presented to the public at 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

McLaren X-1

McLaren X-1

The unique McLaren X-1 was designed for an anonymous collector. This particular car used as a basis the already famous McLaren MP4-12C supercar and was presented to the public for the first and only time at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Since the first conversation between the collector and Ron Dennis, head of McLaren, took three years for McLaren X-1 to become reality.

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McLaren X-1- a unique special model

This unique specimen was commissioned by an anonymous enthusiast, an aficionado car collector. His collection already contains models like McLaren MP4-12C, McLaren F1 and Mercedes-Benz SLR.

After Ron Dennis has approved it, this project fell into the hands of McLaren Special Operations. The Division Chief, Paul Mackenzie and Chief Designer Frank Stephenson met with the client to set up the final design. McLaren X-1 has design lines were inspired by the classic Citroen SM cars, Mercedes-Benz 540K or Facel Vega, but also inspired by the architecture of the Guggenheim museum and the shape of a piano.

The design was created by a young student, Hong Yeo, winner of a intern design competition at McLaren. For the X-1 to become reality, 18 months had to pass so that the unique car to be built and to receive all necessary approvals. McLaren X-1 then passed through the speed tests and the wind tunnel, to be perfectly usable on any road.

McLaren X-1 uses the technical platform and the V8 biturbo engine of the McLaren MP4-12C. The bodywork is constructed from carbon fiber, some elements being created specifically for this car. The headlights and wheels were also unique. A distinctive element of this model is the covered rear wheel. The bodywork elements rise to give access to the rear wheels.

McLaren Special Operations is McLaren’s division for customizing ordered cars. This division can perform from simple customizations up to complete unique cars like this X-1.

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