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Auto China 2010: Maybach facelift – Swan Song of the German luxury vehicle

Daimler has revealed today facelift of the luxury vehicle sedan Maybach , expected to debut these days at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2010. Review brings more convenience and aesthetic improvements, but also a more powerful propellant.

As promised, Daimler is giving another chance to Maybach brand in an attempt to save its “crown jewel”, which for years refused to become profitable. Maybach audience can now bring its latest facelift, if the financial results do not improve in coming years.

At the outside, the review brings a new chrome grille for the radiator, which varies depending on which version is installed, a redesigned hood, another front spoiler, side mirrors and modified rear lamp units in November. Improvements to the engineering team Maybach change and overall dimensions, length is greater than 11 mm and 17 mm width.
Aesthetic package is complemented by a set of wheels 19 inch alloy with 21 spokes, standard versions, and one 20-inch 12-spoke, for those who choose the body S. The new elements and help to obtain a better drag coefficient and rolling noise.

Inside Maybach decided to redefine perfection and improved some aspects of the passenger compartment. Customers will enjoy hand-sewn leather seats, a 19-inch screen on the back seat for a particular fragrance and an internet connection. Those who opt for increased wheelbase version, and receive a transparent panoramic roof, which can become opaque with the push of a button.
Do not miss any camera system that provides an overview of the limo and no glass separating the front seats of the rear.

Changes made on the engine only in versions of 57S and 62S, which received 18 extra horsepower and enjoy an infinitesimal fuel economy from 13.6 to 13.1 litres/100 km. Emissions value and it fell from 390-368 g/km.


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