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2013 Mercedes S-Class – First Images inside Next Generation

Mercedes unveiled today the first official pictures of new 2013 Mercedes S-Class’s interior. The model has undergone a major transformation, which Mercedes proves with the following photos!

2013 Mercedes Benz S-Class (W 222)

2013 Mercedes S-Class Interior Photos

2013 Mercedes S-Class Changes

Pending the new generation S-Class, Mercedes unveiled today the first images inside its limo. The new generation will keep the design lines which have established the model as a flagship in the premium class, but added an exclusive touch and lots of gadgets.

The dashboard kept its flowing lines, but comes with a new horizontal architecture, which emphasizes the impression of sobriety with LED ambient lighting. Mercedes describes it as a fusion of aluminum with noble wood.

2013 Mercedes S-Class: 12.3-inch screen instead of gauges

Everything falls entirely in a new multimedia system, now at its fifth generation, for which 30 million lines of code were written.The whole system has an Intel Atom, used currently by computers, but also a seamless integration of a Google-assisted navigation product. All commands are placed throughout the center console placed between driver and passenger.

Old board instrument have been replaced by two screens, with a size of 12.3 inches. The first one provides information required for car driving, while the second lets you play with a multimedia system. Rear seat passengers will also have touchscreens to play with. Screens operating system will be compatible only with Apple’s iOS. In the near future, Mercedes might take into account equipment using Android or Blackberry.

2013 Mercedes S-Class: Sound System with 24 speakers

In order to provide a complete experience, Mercedes fired its old partners Bang & Olufsen and now collaborates with Burmeister fir its sound system, an amazing innovation which will be available only on the top version. It is a set of 24 speakers capable of generating 1500 watts and a 3D sound effect.

Germans haven’t neglected the old air conditioning system. It has a function of ionization, which purifies the air before releasing one of the four fragrances, suggestively named Freeside, Sports, Nightlife and Downtown.

2013 Mercedes S-Class Interior Photos

2013 Mercedes S-Class Seats – Six massage programs

German officials announced that the new model development was created to offer more space in order to compensate for the absence of the old Maybach. This makes the new generation gain a little more space when it comes to rear seats by offering a wider passenger seat adjustment.
In addition, the seats now come with six different massage programs and a heating armrest and door cappings.

Also, the seats have a ventilation system and you could play with its intensity or even adjusted it so it acts the other way around, for your convenience of course. Stuttgart’s engineers have also redesigned the rear seats, which are now fitted with a safety belt equipped with airbags to reduce chest injuries.

2013 Mercedes S-Class: The quietest interior

Mercedes brags with the best acoustic in its segment. According to the officials, the new 2013 Mercedes S-Class uses over 150 individual soundproofing components. Also, Germans promise 14% more torsional rigidity compared with the previous generation of Mecedes S-Class.

Here are some spy photos with 2013 Mercedes S-Class’s Exterior

2013 Mercedes S-Class Exterior

2013 Mercedes S-Class

2013 Mercedes S-Class Launch Date

2013 Mercedes S-Class Release Date

2013 Mercedes S-Class Release Date

2013 Mercedes S-Class Spy Photos

CEO of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche has confirmed in Geneva that the new S-Class will be officially presented in Hamburg on May 15, while production will begin in August and its release on the streets will start in September while till the end of 2013, the model will be available in S550 4MATIC and S63 AMG 4MATIC versions.

The owners can choose from 4 different collors (Burl Walnut, Myrtle Sunburst, Black Popular and “Metalized” Ash) while the AMG version will be equipped with either carbon black or shiny ornaments. In terms of leather, owners can choose between 6 different colors.

In terms of technology, the 2013 Mercedes S-Class will be offered with an advanced Night View Assist PLUS system that will detect both pedestrians and animals. When a collision is imminent the system turns on automatically and warns the driver to take action.

2013 S-Class has pedestrian recognition system with built-in cameras and Distronic Plus, active cruise control system, which works with the Steering Assist. This understands when the driver has his hand on the steering wheel and the car automatically changes lanes, accelerating and braking at speeds from 30 to 200 km/h.

The automatic “Emergency Brake Assist” system has been improved in the new Mercedes S-Class and will operate at speeds up to 72 km/h, significantly improved compared to the current one, which operates at speeds of up to 30 km/h. The car also features system plates recognition.

Drivers will choose from a range of engines that will be environmentally friendly with reduced consumption. Among these we will have 250 CDI, S350 CDI, S300 Bluetec Hybrid, S400 Bluetec Hybrid, S500, S600, S63 AMG and perhaps the returning of S65 AMG.

Everyone will have a system start/stop button, energy recovery system, electromechanical steering and 9-speed automatic gearbox. Rummors include an electric version as well as a V12 engine capable of delivering 552 hp.

That’s all we know about 2013 Mercedes S-Class!

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