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The New 2011 Bentley Continental GT

Here it is: the new 2011 Bentley Continental GT introduced at Paris Motor Show. The new British car, the best selling vehicle in the history of the house, has a difficult task to repeat the success and follows the path of continuity. Although it has been completely redesigned, is unquestionably a Bentley Continental GT, but also incorporates some stylistic impulses already seen the recent Bentley Mulsanne. The stand is only one copy of the coupe, Bentley will probably unveil the Cabriolet  at Geneva Motor Show 2011.

Equipped with the famous twin-turbo W12 Flexfuel, updated to deliver 575 bhp, the new Bentley Continental GT has a new drive system with 40:60 sharing with a new S-Tronic 7-speed from Audi. With this engine, the Bentley Continental GT touches a top speed of 318 km/h and 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, with an average consumption of 16.5 l/100 km. Confirmed for 2011 is the arrival of a brand new 4-liter V8 (more info below). The interiors offer a new multimedia system with a 30GB hard disk and access to Google Maps. The Crewe coupe measuring 4.80 meters long, weighs 2,320 pounds and can rely on a coefficient cX optimized to the value of 0.33.

From the first quarter 2011 will be delivered the first samples of the new 2011 Bentley Continental GT, portrayed here in this new photo gallery.

2011 Bentley Continental GT Engine –  the new 4.0L V8 engine from Audi

Bentley is developing in collaboration with Audi the new 4.0L V8 engine that will be allocated to the new Bentley Continental GT and Audi Sport. The new engine will debut in late 2011 and will be adopted right away by the Crewe touring coupé and Audi RS7 Sportback. The most important special unit 4.0L V8 is the decrease in CO2 emissions in the order of 40% compared to 6.0 W12 engine. In addition, direct injection will keep consumers about 8 km/liter. The 4.0L V8 engine should be equipped with double charged, so as to deliver maximum power of 550 bhp.

Even in the “entry level”, the 2011 Bentley Continental GT is all-wheel drive, 40/60 with the distribution of power. The new engine should also be adopted by other variants of English supercar, namely, the Bentley Continental Flying Spur sedan expected also in 2012 and the convertible Bentley Continental GTC scheduled for 2013. Between 2014 and 2015, however, will debut the sporty versions of Bentley GT Speed and Bentley Continental Supersports and a hybrid variant.

Audi will share the dual clutch S-Tronic with the 2011 Bentley Continental GT V8 biturbo

The new Bentley Continental GT V8 will be equipped with the S-Tronic 7-speed offset from Audi: is what gives a note ahead for the Anglo-Saxon English luxury coupe. The two houses of the VW Group will build synergy in the new twin-turbo V8 rated at about 550 bhp. The dual-clutch transmission branch Audi should still undergo changes designed to strengthen the entire system: the amount of torque it is bearable for now fixed to 550 Nm but hardly the new 4.0-liter supercharged remain below 600 Nm (this also applies to the new RS6 and RS7, which should in turn share the same combination biturbo V8 / S-tronic). The combination between engine and transmission will provide for the Bentley Continental GT high performance combined with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions relatively small.

2011 Bentley Continental GT Price

It has been issued the price list for the new Bentley Continental GT, after the presentation at the Paris Motor Show 2010. The new coupe version of W12 biturbo 575 bhp, will target prices for Europe starting at 154,600 Euros plus taxes and delivery charges, which means that in Italy the price should be close to 190,000 €, thus very similar to the old model.

Detailed information for individual markets will be disseminated in the coming weeks, while deliveries will begin in the first quarter 2011. Bentley has high expectations for 2011 Bentley Continental GT, which in its first version sold some 46,000 copies, nearly half bodied coupe.

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