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Winter Tire Test – ADAC tire test 2011

ADAC Winter Tire Test 2011

German Automobile Club – ADAC has tested over the last three years nearly 100 winter tires. See which are the scores received in this ADAC tire test.ADAC Winter Tire Test 2011

The Germans from ADAC made their winter tire test in seven different sessions. One of the test session was dedicated to all-season tires. The tests focused on the most common sizes: 175/65R14 T, 175/65R14 T all season, 195/65R15 T, 185/60 R14 T, 185/65 R15 T, 205/55 R16 H, 225/45 R17 H.

The most recent tests were those for the size 175. In this winter tire test, nine of them obtained a good rating, being given by ADAC only for the excellent products.

18 winter tires were rated satisfactory, two have received adequate and there was a weak qualifier.

Especially for this winter tire test ADAC has also introduced the very good qualifying, but no winter tire obtain this note.

ADAC Winter Tire Test Ratings

The tires from the ADAC Winter Tire Test which have obtained the good qualifier offer an excellent balance of performance. Some have excelled in fuel efficiency, others in handling on the wet surfaces.

ADAC scoring system involves small numbers good results and large numbers for bad results. To get very good, a tire must obtain an average of 1.5 points. For good 2.5 points for satisfactory 3.5 points and for adequate 4.5 points.

Winter Tire Test – 175/65 R14 TADAC Winter Tire Test 2011 - 175-65R14

All-Season Tire Test – 175/65 R14 TADAC Winter Tire Test 2011 - 175-65R14 all season

Winter Tire Test – 195/65 R15 TADAC Winter Tire Test 2011 - 195-65 R 15 T

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For all the tire configurations from the winter tire test made by ADAC in the past years (185/60 R14 T (2009), 185/65 R15 T (2010), 205/55 R16 H (2009), 225/45 R17 H (2010), 175/65 R14 T (2011), 185/60 R14 H (03/2009), 185/65 R15 H (03/2010), 195/65 R15 V (2011), 205/55 R16 W (03/2009), 225/45 R17 W,Y (03/2010)), you can visit adac.de – on the tests category, see the ADAC Test Winter- und Ganzjahresreifen article.

ADAC Winter Tire Test 2011

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