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What You Can Do with Your Car After It’s Involved in an Accident

Every year, more than six million car accident cases are reported in the US. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most of these accidents result in injuries to the victims and damages to the vehicles involved. If you or someone close to you has been involved in a car accident, you might panic to an extent of not knowing what to do, especially with your car. However, knowing what to do with your car will help reduce your panic and to follow the relevant steps as per the law. Please read on.

Driver Making Phone Call After Traffic Accident

1. Stop Driving and Pull Over

Immediately after the accident, you need to stop driving and pull over to a safe place – if you can still drive your car. Otherwise, you should leave the car and move to a safe place. You’ll then need to alert other drivers about the accident by creating attention about the same. The best way to do this is by turning on the hazard lights of your car to help other drivers slow down when approaching the scene.


You should then call the police to help guide you and complete an accident report, which will be essential later on when you file a claim. It’s vital to remain at the scene of the accident regardless of whether the accident was mild or severe. Should you decide to drive off after the accident, you’ll risk being charged for a hit and run, and you may not like the outcome. Therefore, wait till the police have arrived at the scene and you’ve exchanged important information with the other driver(s). You’ll then be ready for other necessary steps to take after a car wreck.

2. Take Enough Pictures

Perhaps you must have heard the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” over and over again, right? Well, this can be an excellent idea in your current situation. You need to take as many photographs of your vehicle as possible. Take pictures of different angles of the damaged vehicle. You may not be able to explain exactly how the accident happened, especially since you might have been shocked or crashed by surprise. These photos will come in handy to help personal injury lawyers, jury, and insurance companies understand the cause and extent of the accident.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

Getting in touch with your insurance company after an accident is very important. However, you should avoid talking to anyone else’s insurer at all. Remember, their insurance adjusters will most likely approach you soon after the accident to talk to you. Even when you were at no fault, you might say something that could be used against you when you file a claim. The other driver’s insurance adjuster may also approach you with an offer for your car damage and injuries caused. You should not accept this offer until you consult a personal injury attorney who has handled similar auto injury claims.


Car accidents, just like many other accidents, are almost inevitable. Injuries and car damages are among the common legal matters associated with these accidents. Should you be involved in a car accident, there are things you should do with your car. The first thing to do is to stop at the scene until the police arrive to write a police report. You should then take enough pictures of the vehicle then call your insurance company. You can also consult an attorney who has handled similar auto claims to advise you on the necessary legal steps to take.


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