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Volvo S60 starts in Motorsport Competitions

Volvo announced that the new S60 series will debut in the Belgian Cup cars. Swedish engineering team was able to radically change the sedan, which now develops 410 horsepower.

Rely heavily on the success of the new Volvo S60, the car company is trying to secure a positive image throughout the continent. Moreover, Swedes are thinking to use the new mid-size sedan in motorsports, specifically in the Belgian Touring Car Series.

Scandinavian manufacturer developed  a circuit version in record time, its Division quickly elaborating an aerodynamic kit named Silhouette S1, a tubular chassis, independent suspension and a new performance brake package.

Power is supplied by a central engine 3.5-liter V6, capable of developing 410 horsepower and 412 Nm of torque. Resources are forwarded rear axle through a sequential six-packs reports.

Bart Crols, CEO of Volvo Belgium, said that “the best way to display the car’s dynamic performance is a competition rally. In addition, the new Volvo S60 and have a special place in the hearts of the Belgian public, since part of the Swedish model are generated in the Ghent plant.

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