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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – new info

Volkswagen Golf 7, the newest generation of the iconic German model, seventh in number as the name emphasizes, will go into production at the beginning of the following month, its debut in the showrooms being prepared for November 2012.

Volkswagen Golf 7

2012 Volkswagen Golf Mk7

It’s no longer a surprise to anyone that Volkswagen marks a new historic moment when this year at Paris Motor Show will reveal the seventh generation of its best-selling car: the Golf model.

2012 Volkswagen Golf Mk7

By the end of September, however, the German manufacturer must start production to the new compact model. According to information obtained by Automotive News, the Volkswagen factories from Wolfsburg and Zwickau, both of Germany, will begin production in the next period, in early august.

Its debut in showrooms and on the European market will take place in November, after the new Volkswagen Golf 7 will be presented at the Paris Motor Show.

The seventh generation of the most popular Volkswagen model of all time is based on the new MQB platform, already used by its concern colleague, Audi A3. The design will mark a new evolution in the history of Volkswagen, but without undermining the values of the brand.

In addition to the already known range of four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines, and the famous GTI sports version, the new Volkswagen Golf 7 could bring the first hybrid or pure electric versions.

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