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Upgraded Features of the 2013 Holden Cruze

The Australian branch of GM has updated their popular Holden Cruze model for 2013. While the second generation of the Holden Cruze isn’t due to be released until 2015, in the meantime there have been some significant updates to explore. This includes a higher performing engine and a wider range of interior features.

Although it is currently one of the most popular cars available on motoring.com.au and other listings sites, these upgrades should boost its sales even higher. Available in a sedan, hatchback, and new Sportwagon version, the Cruze is becoming an ever more versatile range.

2013 Holden Cruze Front

2013 Holden Cruze

Holden Cruze: Higher Performance Component

One of the main elements that have changed in the newer models of the Holden Cruze includes a powered-up turbo engine and tuned-up suspension. This is meant to help boost its performance levels.

The 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine has been reworked to provide a higher level of power and control. This engine was last updated in 2007, making it a prime candidate for renovation.

Engineers have changed the valve timing system and reworked the cylinder head to help optimize its performance. Higher performance options are also available in the form of the power turbo engine, which has been given a similar redesign.

2013 Holden Cruze New Interior

2013 Holden Cruze Interior

Holden Cruze: Enhanced Interior Features

The latest Holden Cruze review and news also mentions improvements made to the cabin area of the car. The Cruze range now boasts a touchscreen entertainment system called MyLink, which is modelled on smartphone technology. It allows passengers to use third-party apps to control their navigation, music, and other entertainment features.

The Pandora music application will be added to newer models of the Holden Cruze, which connects to the car with a Bluetooth connection to stream online music. Users can create their own playlists based on their personal tastes, with this intuitive online streaming connection.

Other apps that can be added include Siri for iPhone and BringGo, a satellite navigation application.

 Holden Cruze: Safety Features

All models of the Holden Cruze will come equipped with a high level of standard safety features in 2013. These include electronic stability control to help prevent rolling over in case of an accident, as well as six airbags.

Further safety features include rear park assist and anti-lock brakes, along with traction control. This gives the new models the latest electronic safety features that help provide additional stability and control on the road.

Australian 2013 Holden Cruze

2013 Holden Cruze Side

With a more powerful engine, a wider range of technology inside the cabin, and enhanced safety features, the new Cruze range looks set to please a broad set of consumers.

By adding the Sportwagon to the mix, it could draw in more families in need of added space, while the sporty engine and emphasis on smartphone app integration will keep younger drivers happy. Holden Cruze 2013 will surely be a best seller in Australia!

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