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Toyota sold more than 5 million hybrid Vehicles

Toyota has sold over 5 million hybrid vehicles globally. According to the Japanese company, on the last day of March, Toyota counts 5.125 million hybrid car sold globally.

toyota sales 5 million hybrids

Toyota reached 5 million sold cars

Toyota Motor Corporation currently sells 19 hybrid models and a plug-in hybrid in 80 countries and regions. By the end of 2015, Toyota wants to launch 18 new hybrid models, one of which is powered by fuel cells. The success of the Toyota is strengthened by the success of hybrid models in Europe in the first quarter of the year as these recorded a growth of 82%.

Toyota helped Earth survive

Internal estimates from Toyota say the hybrid cars have helped avoid the issuance of 34 million tonnes of CO2 globally in the atmosphere. Moreover, these vehicles have avoided consumption of 1.2 billion liters of gasoline globally compared to similar vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines and ignition.

Toyota sold its first hybrid back in 1997 on the Japanese market and the variant was called “Coaster Hybrid EV”. Four months later it was followed by the incomparable “Prius”, which became a worldwide success.

Toyota – The first hybrid car

The first generation of the Toyota Prius first went on sale in Europe in 2000, that’s 13 years ago. From then until the end of last month, Toyota Motor Corporation has sold 544,184 units equipped with the hybrid system on the old continent. That’s more than 10% of all hybrid sales. In Europe, Toyota needed seven years to sell the first hundred thousand hybrids, and then overcome this result in a single year, 2012, when they have sold 109,478.

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