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Top 10 car debuts in 2011

Car-Addicts.com presents a top 10 interesting  cars that will debut in 2011.

Year 2011 brings the launch of an impressive number of new models, although economic forecasts are not exceptional. Whether sell it or not, the car manufacturers will launch new models and improved versions of models provided in current ranges. We have made a selection of ten models whose debut is expected both by automotive journalists and car fans who would later become customers.

1. Aston Martin Cygnet

Although it is an exclusive model for those who already have an Aston Martin, the Aston Martin Cygnet has no way to not arouse the curiosity waves. We are talking about a redesigned Toyota iQ, an interior completely changed and no changes to the engine, whose purchase price was doubled, and the logo was replaced with that of the mark in Gaydon. Chances are that all the copies available to sell like hot cakes, although the model has nothing to offer in terms of dynamism with Aston Martin offer.

2. Audi A6

The new Audi A6 generation was the last competitor of the German premium trio that starts in this segment. After MercedesBenz has surprised everyone with the E-Class and BMW has raised the bar to a new level with the 5 Series F10, time comes for Audi to show what they worked so hard.

3. Audi Q5 Hybrid

The new Audi Q5 Hybrid is the second new hybrid model in the manufacturer’s range of Ingostadt after Audi A8. This time, to mention a more affordable model, which should help those of Audi to debut on hybrids stage. On fuel economy, the model should be very close to a diesel, but the real achievement will be the CO2 emissions being reduced dramatically.

4. BMW 6 Series Convertible

The debut release of the new BMW 6 Series Convertible is expected by March 2011. Normally, most manufacturers launch their convertible models in the spring, to give customers enough time to order a copy by the summer. The model looks interesting and is built on the BMW 5-Series platform.

5. Citroen DS4

The second member of the premium range of Citroen DS is based on the new Citroen C4. Since Citroen DS3 managed to be a very attractive model without altering the beauty of C3, we expect something special from Citroen DS4.

6. Citroen DS5

Also in 2011 we will see the third member of the Citroen DS range, based on the ‘brothers’ 3008 and 5008. The model will be a luxury van and will offer an innovative design, as we have become accustomed to the Citroen, and numerous practical features for everyday life of clients and their families. The debut is expected at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, with along with Citroen DS4.

7. Peugeot 508

We already know what the Peugeot 508 looks like, how much and what engine is offered. But we do not know how to drive, and the first units have just arrived at dealers. The new Peugeot 508 is a first in the automotive world, as it will try to replace two models of two segments at the same time without contradicting himself. Throughout the year we will see how customers feel about the newest Peugeot creation.

8. Lamborghini Jota

Lamborghini – at this chapter, not much to say. We speak about Lamborghini Jota, a true supercar that will provide outstanding performance and an attractive look. Its price will be steep, a small number of customers in the automotive world with the means of acquisition of such a fireball. Receiving a production version aspirated V12 engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters, delivers 700 horsepower and is mated to a seven-speed transmissions.

9. Volkswagen New Beetle

The third continuing of a legend, or Volkswagen New Beetle. Although the original has never left the factory with the name Beetle and the second generation has not experienced as much popularity as its predecessor, the people at Volkswagen hope to hit it big with the New Beetle”. This time we talk about modern technology integrated in a retro way, along with other attributes of the Volkswagen brand as we know already.

10. Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Niche of a niche. As can be easily characterized Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. We are talking about a four-door coupe class that has become the premium high class station wagon in the premium segment. Since the Germans at MercedesBenz has achieved such a model, means that they have customers willing to buy such a vehicle. Debut may occur in the second half of the year.

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