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Subaru car stickers!

The official website of Subaru just announced a “cool feature” for the owners of this fine Japanese manufacturer They give out FREE CAR STICKERS to anyone that ownes a model created by them! You own one? Well, all you have to do is order online one of these stickers.

The Subaru owners can get the free car sticker only after an online order, and till now, more than 1000 requests were made. This idea belongs to their new campaign for rewarding the customers.

The left side of the symbol will contain a number depending on how many Subaru cars he owned, followed by the sign chosen. The lucky drivers can choose from up to 12 designs that symbolize sports or hobbies. These are: Snow Sports, Outdoor Sports, Biking, Animals, Gardening, Love, Environment, Music Arts, Mechanical, Performance, High Mileage and of course, LGBT.

To receive one of these stickers, the Subaru owners must complete a form with personal data but also with the identification number of the car, which is the safety measure imposed by the Japanese manufacturer.

If you are too happy after reading this, let me tell you something else: they only do shipment for US. 🙁

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    Automobile dealers that sell both new and used cars most often use window stickers. These stickers usually contain the name of the company, their logo and a phone number and website, so a current or potential client can contact the company.

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