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Source London Network

The Mayor of London launched the program Source London charge point network, through which in the capital of England will be inserted 150 charge points for electric cars.

Source London Network

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has launched a new project whose main point is electric cars. This is called the Source London and aims to introduce 150 charge points for eco cars. For the amount of £100 (€115) per month, each owner of such a vehicle can recharge the battery in specially designated sections of the city.

Currently, on the streets of London are 2.000 electric cars, and the Mayor of London wants to introduce another 1150 charge points until 2013. Boris Johnson’s Initiative has been enthusiastically received by Nissan and Mitsubishi, that manufacturers that delivers electric cars in the UK. Moreover, those who will buy a Nissan Leaf by the end of this year, will receive a free subscription for 12 months that it will be able to use in any of the charge points.

In addition, the consulting firm Accenture has made ​​a new study about the idea of buying electric cars. In the study, 63% of respondents believe that the most important factor in choosing an electric car is the charge point of batteries. When asked what would make them purchase such a vehicle, 65% of participants answered free parking, while 44% checked the box that said the discount applied to car tax.

The new charging network – Source London

“I want to rapidly accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and make London the epicentre of electric driving in Europe. Increasing numbers of motorists are opting for cleaner, greener electric transport, delivering a host of benefits to the driver including a 100 per cent Congestion Charge discount. This is set to deliver considerable environmental benefits to our city.” said the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

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