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Skoda Rapid 2012 – The first official sketches

The all new Skoda Rapid 2012 is increasingly closer. Until the official premiere at Paris Motor Show in 2012, officials have sought to test our patience with some new pictures and sketches. Great additional teasers!

the new skoda rapid 2012

2012 Skoda Rapid

The new Skoda Rapid 2012 will have average sedan proportions, with a length of about 4.5 meters and a 500 liter trunk, wrapped in a design with simple lines that inspire robustness and reliability. Much the same as with first generation of Octavia.

Skoda Rapid 2012 Gallery

Skoda Rapid 2012 – Official sketches before launch

We won’t see the Skoda Rapid 2012 until its world premiere at Paris Motor Show 2012. All we have for now are some official sketches that prove what we have already seen in the spy photos so far: the Skoda Rapid 2012 will be a sedan with a style influenced by Volkswagen’s sober design, which is not bad at all, because the VW is very popular among “familly car owners”.

Compared to the Skoda MissionL concept, the new Skoda Rapid 2012 will look a lot less sophisticated, but, overall, maintain the proportions and details of the concept.

In addition, the interior is announced at a very good quality compared to what competitors are offering – one that will include, obviously, the new generation Dacia Logan 2.

Skoda Rapid 2012‘s platform is derived from the Volkswagen Polo, but the sedan will offer a longer wheelbase, which will lead to a more generous interior space. Engines will be the same as for the VW Polo and Skoda Fabia and apparently we’re only talking about small and medium-power engines.

The role of a sportier family counterpart will be taken ny the Seat Toledo. Should the new Skoda Rapid 2012 have success?

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