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Saab 9-5 orbited the Earth for fine-tuning 12 times

For the fine tuning of the suspension in the new Saab 9-5 have Peter Johansson, chief test pilot from Saab, and his team traveled more than 500 000 km on European roads. Was tested in the ice of northern Sweden, as in the hot plains of southern Spain. Even the Nurburgring and the high-speed train at Nardo in Italy were on the program. The route, which corresponds to orbits of twelve world, was completed with 15 test vehicles. Two different mounting options, the power transmission for front-and four-wheel drive, passive and active suspension functions and two steering systems were tested using 250 measurement criteria and optimized.

During the trips, the team also reviewed the systems in the vehicle such as air conditioning, audio system, lighting, seat comfort and ergonomics in their operation. The tester held at regular intervals in-house evaluation exercises, in which the vehicles had been shared with colleagues from other departments. This should be given to whether the settings were also perceived.

In many markets, the new Saab 9-5 will be ordered already. Deliveries are made during the year. In Germany will enter the market from June 2010 at prices starting at 33 700 Euros.


  1. Pretty cool, thow i’m not a fan of SAAB…

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    I feel very attracted to this car.

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