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Officially: the new Aston Martin Lagonda SUV

President of Aston Martin declared  that Lagonda brand will be revive with a full range of models. The first product will be an SUV, intended the harsh conditions in Russia.

After the excitement created around the Geneva Motor Show 2011, Aston Martin decided to make an important announcement. President of the British manufacturer, Ulrich Bez said in a recent interview that the Aston Martin Lagonda brand will be relaunched and will offer a wide range of models.

Collaboration with Mercedes

The British are currently seeking financial support to sustain the project and a partner able to provide viable platforms and technologies. Referring to the need for funding, Bez said: Mercedes needed a billion to revive the Maybach brand. We believe that the Lagonda can return to the market with lower costs than that.”

The first Aston Martin Lagonda model will be an SUV, inspired by the concept presented in 2008 at the Geneva Motor Show. The prototype unveiled then has the current structure based on Mercedes GL, which makes the solution of a partnership with the Germans in Stuttgart possible. A collaboration between the two parties can become viable if Aston Martin offers to help Mercedes in the future development of the Maybach models.

A SUV for the Russian roads

The idea of Aston Martin to launch an SUV under the protection of a dedicated luxury brand, came after the manufacturer has realized that its models can’t be conducted in countries with a disastrous infrastructure. Hence the need to have a Lagonda SUV, able to sell in emerging markets such as Russia and China.

Aston Martin communications director acknowledged that in the former Soviet Republic needed a car that can travel on poorly paved roads, able to cope with difficult winters. To win customers in these areas, Lagonda will offer a version of the armored SUV.

Ulrich Bez claims that the SUV price will be between 150,000 and 350,000 euro, which will give rise to a new segment of luxury 4×4 models, that only Bentley and his crossover would compete.

Differences between  Aston Martin and Lagonda

President of the British manufacturer Aston Martin and the designer were not discouraged by the negative reactions showed the public, who criticized the design concept Lagonda, introduced three years ago. The prototype was a reaction test. I tried to provoke discussion and see if people are willing to accept Lagonda as a new brand. People did not claimed that there shouldn’t be a Lagonda. They just expressed their desire to see a product of several different concept. Our studies show that 60% of the public surveyed believes that there should be Lagonda,” said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin chief designer.

Reichman also claimed that the SUV will be launched under the brand Lagonda independently, unconnected with the tradition and Aston Martin design. The designer then tried to summarize as simple differences between the two brands: A Lagonda model has four doors, four seats and is mainly intended for travels. That’s why has all-wheel drive and can handle rough roads. An Aston Martin has the sole purpose just the pleasure of driving.

Among the statements made about future Lagonda brand, Ulrich Bez spoke about upcoming electric version of the Aston Martin Cygnet, based on the Toyota iQ EV. Debut next year is fixed.

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