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OFFICIAL: The new Citroen DS4 – Specs and gallery

If you’ll look at the past months you’ll realize there’s nobody stopping the French! Another amazing model just left the factory! It’s the much anticipated Citroen DS4, a brand new model that strengthens the presence in the compact segment, mixing an attractive design, weird sizes and a interesting engine. The final product? A great car placed between the hatch’s and crossovers.

The officials from Citroen have released today the first official pictures and information related to the second representative of the Premium DS range . That’s right, the DS4 , a compact coupé-hathback that promises to revolutionize the market by offering a premium never seen before model.

We can call it a “deja-vu” remembering C3-DS3, as the new Citroen DS4 has its design inspired from the new Citroen C4, still with more of a “sporty” look by applying some interesting touches. Big surprise for those who claimed DS4 will be exclusively a Coupe: this French model has five doors, but only the front handles can be seen. The rear ones are well hidden. Where? We are still searching them. 🙂 but if you manage to get your hands on this model before us, try searching them where Alfa Romeo / Seat has ’em.

Another interesting surprise comes from the exterior dimensions of the Citroen DS4. Thus, although the length is clearly recommended for a compact (4.27 meters), height betrays a model much higher than a compact hatchback. Basically, DS4 is 1.53 meters in height, a value that fits this car perfectly between compact hatchbacks and… Nissan Qashqai for example. Citroen has built a compact car, adding a sporting line and tried to pull it into a compact crossover. Eventually, the name of the strange concept witch apparently inspired the Citroen DS4, the High Rider, has reflected in the final form of the French model.

Now the interesting part, the power! Citroën is not coming with great surprises. Thus, French fans will have three petrol units to choose from (1.6 VTi 120 bhp, 1.6 THP 155 bhp and 1.6 THP 200 bhp) and two HDi diesel engines: one with 110 and one holding 160 hp.

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