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News about the upcoming BMW 1 Series

The future BMW 1 Series will have both front-wheel drive, three-cylinder engine and four-cylinder engines, and interior space will be higher than the current versions.

British from Autocar revealed new information obtained about future BMW models with front wheel drive. The new models are the Audi A3 and the contestants will help BMW to cut CO2 emissions and implement wide new three-cylinder engine. Platform for the new drive will be taken to the Mini Countryman, and those models will be entry-level versions of the range of which will be part.

Future BMW 1 Series models with front gate code UKL (Unter Klasse acronym for the term) and will be offered in five-door hatchback and station wagon. Other versions of the BMW 1 Series range will be available in versions with three-door, five-door, convertible and coupe. Optionally, BMW will offer four-wheel drive, but will be implemented on the platform of a series, not his platform as Countryman. In other words, UKL platform is completely different from other models in the second generation of the BMW 1 Series.


Debut will take place at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011. The main difference between the two versions of the model lies in the fact that the engine is transversely mounted front wheel drive, while rear-wheel drive models have four-wheel drive or the engine located longitudinally. There is a possibility that the model provide significant aesthetic differences between the two body versions, since the rear-wheel drive model will require a longer hood.

Front wheel drive version will have extra space for rear passengers, who will no longer be divided into two worlds by the cardanic tunnel shaft. The proportions of the model were also changed pillars being placed near to the front and the interior has a volume comparable to the Volkswagen Golf and Audi A3. The doors will be higher, and the windscreen will be located at a different angle. In the interior, BMW could take ideas from the 5 Series GT at a smaller scale.


Future BMW 1 Series engines will be called N37 and N38. The two will have a displacement of 1.5 liters and will be fueled with either gasoline or diesel – as appropriate. Their design is modular, so many components are shared with six-cylinder engines from BMW. Since we do not talk about architecture in V, this is possible without drastic changes and soaring costs. In addition, BMW has applied this strategy to develop small displacement engines – such as M10, by cutting two famous pin M30 “big six”.

BMW will offer four-cylinder engine for a future series. Like the three-cylinder units, which will be turbocharged and will receive direct injection. It also will integrate the philosophy of BMW EfficientDynamics kinetic energy recovery system lost during braking, stop-start and a new heat recovery system is normally lost from the engine. Six-cylinder BMW engines in line will not be integrated platforms UKL (front wheel). However, BMW will achieve a more powerful version of the engine turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder, providing about 220 hp and will rival the hot-hatch in the segment’s performance.

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