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Mercedes and BMW battle for #1 place in US sales

We have a small dispute between BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the United States. Apparently, both manufacturers announced that they have obtained first place in sales in 2012 in the luxury sector and the information currently collides.

mercedes vs bmw luxury sales 2012

Mercedes vs BMW – Luxury Sales US 2012

BMW vs Mercedes Benz – US Sales

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have started a supremacy dispute with statements regarding market sales in 2012 in USA. A study by R.L. Polk & Co. presents Mercedes-Benz as winners in the top sales in the luxury segment, with 272,674 registered units versus 267,649 units registered, while BMW says they have sold 281,460 units versus 274,134 units sold by Mercedes-Benz.

The two German brands fight for the first position of the ranking after Lexus sales overcame the last two years. The discrepancy between the results of two manufacturers occurs in the calculation of sales or registrations. Thus, one of these two brands considers a car as “sold” since arriving at the dealer while other counts the delivery to the customer, explains Tom Libby, an RL Polk & Co. analyst.

“There are models registered by dealers for work or for drive tests or replacements. BMW has done this to an extent greater than Mercedes-Benz, and this causes the difference between the two manufacturers. These two are very competitive.” said Tom Libby from RL Polk & Co.. Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW representatives strongly support their results in United States and both claim the #1 spot in luxury segment sales.

BMW representatives say they have had excellent results in December, which have not yet been considered by RL Polk & Co. as they collect data from each state and require between 60 and 90 days to summarize the results.

Best-selling luxury automaker in 2012

To determine these statistics subdivisions of the two builders were not considered, such as commercial vehicles from Daimler, MINI and Smart models. The title of “best-selling luxury automaker” is meaningless to consumers, says Jesse Toprak, vice president of market research at TrueCar, Inc.. “A consumer is buying a luxury model like a vehicle that is more exclusive, so the argument that a brand is number one in builder segment could be counterproductive,” added Toprak.

Mercedes and BMW battle for #1 place in US sales

Mercedes vs BMW luxury sales in US 2012

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