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McLaren: “We want a model like the Volkswagen Golf, but with a price of 40,000 euros”

McLaren’s designer, Frank Stephenso, the man responsible for creating the MP4-12C and P1 supercars announced he wants a car the size of Golf, but with a carbon fiber structure. Although it is a manufacturer dedicated to supercars, McLaren’s flirting with the idea of volume products as demonstrated by a new declaration made by brand officials in the United Kingdom.

mclaren compact car 2015

Frank Stephenson, designer of the British company, has publicly expressed a desire to see a McLaren volume model range, the size of the Volkswagen Golf, the current standard compact segment. The statement is even more surprising as it’s coming from the man who designed the last McLaren supercars: MP4-12C, MP4-12C Spider and P1 .

Stephenson claims that he considered feasible a new McLaren model in the near future, similar to Volkswagen Golf, with a carbon fiber monocoque structure and a price between 30,000 and 40,000 euros.

Stephenson also insisted to criticise the large design departments where there are lots of people with different ideas about style, backed so vigorously that the end result becomes completely devoid of substance. One of the most concrete examples, according to Stephenson, is Audi.

The same British official wanted to mention that for a brand such as Kia, the designer doesn’t need highly technological skills and not the same thing could be said when you are designing supercars. What’s next?

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