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Mazda Furai torched by the Top Gear presenters

We all know that the Top Gear editors are some very rough testers for all cars that enter the show or for the Top Gear Magazine. What fewer people know is that English, from time to time, manage to unintentionally destroy some cars. Recently surfaced the news that during the tests, the British managed to burn a unique concept developed by the Japanese automaker Mazda, costing $ 4,000,000.

The first Mazda Furai was destroyed by fire during road tests by Top Gear in 2008

The first Mazda Furai was destroyed by fire during road tests by Top Gear in 2008

The famous victim of the Top Gear presenters is called Mazda Furai and is a concept launched at the 2008 North American International Auto Show (Detroit Motor Show). The Japanese car, whose name means “Sound of the Wind” was the fifth and final prototype following the design philosophy imposed by the Mazda Nagare concept.

Top Gear – RIP Mazda Furai

The Japanese didn’t limit to present just a good looking concept, at the actual launch Mazda Furai was a fully functional car that has been tested on a variety of tracks around the world. Built on the chassis of the French from Courage Compétition, known for their participation in endurance racing, Mazda Furai concept received the inheritance of the Japanese champion at Le Mans – Mazda 787B, a 450 horsepower Wankel engine mated with six-speed semi-automatic X-trac transmission.

Mazda Furai concept

The surprise came last week when on the Top Gear website appeared a statement about the 2008 tragic death of the concept and that the full story can be read in the 20th anniversary special issue of the Top Gear Magazine.

“Forgive us, we have sinned. Top Gear is responsible for the tragic disappearance of the remarkable Mazda Furai concept and we’re very, very sorry. Learn how this happened (if you haven’t figured it out from the picture above) in the anniversary edition of our magazine and try to hate us as little as possible.” (topgear.com/uk)

Meanwhile, the British site administrators have changed the official statement after the negative reaction of the readers.

Video Top Gear Mazda Furai

Mazda Furai via Top Gear

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