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Maserati wants to build a new supercar on the new LaFerrari platform

The Italians want to repeat the Maserati MC12 experience, using this time the new LaFerrari platform. From the first information available results that only a limited series of 50 copies of this model will be built.

2015 Maserati MC12 based on LaFerrari

2015 Maserati MC12 based on LaFerrari?

Maserati MC12 could get a successor in 2015. According to the first roumors, the Italian model will repeat “the MC12 recipe” and will retrieve the technical platform of the Ferrari flagship. At that time it was about Ferrari Enzo’s platform, now, LaFerrari’s platform is “spotted” by the people at Maserati for the new model. Just like MC12, the future Maserati supercar will have the suspension, chassis and electrical systems of the LaFerrari “donor.” But we are talking about a difference in the propulsion system.

The new Maserati ‘La Maserati’ Engine

Maserati can either remain with the 6.3-liter V12 engine from LaFerrari, without the electro-hybrid system, or develop a more powerful version of the 3.8 liter V8 unit (523 hp and 523 lb-ft) from the Quattroporte’s range.

While the LaFerrari V12 heat engine would receive small changes that would provide more torque in the lower speed range, the option based on the V8 would involve a quad-turbo conversion (just like that used by Bugatti Veyron, the 523 hp could become 900 hp). The main rule in either of the two engines will be dictated by Ferrari and involves developing a model that doesn’t outperform LaFerrari’s specifications.

Maserati MC12 successor Price

Initial estimates announced a price of over one million Euros for the successor of Maserati MC12. Although it will be less faster than the new Ferrari hypercar, it will provide a level of exclusivity: only 50 units will be built, all following the same recipe.

We must consider that the successor of Maserati MC12 could be lighter than LaFerrari, although aerodynamics will favor the model wearing a prancing horse on the bonnet.

2015 Maserati MC12 based on LaFerrari could become a reality; we will provide you with more info as it come along.

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