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Martin Winterkorn resigns as CEO of Volkswagen: “I am shocked by the scandal. VW has been and will remain my life”

Martin Winterkorn has announced his retirement as CEO of the Volkswagen Group. The official was shocked by scandal in recent days, but looked confident in solving the problem.

Martin Winterkorn VW epa fail

After the international press allnailed the coffin” of Winterkorn all week anticipating a resignation or a dismissal somewhere this weekend, it seems that the speed with which successive facts hurried resignation of the man with the highest office of the Group Volkswagen. Martin Winterkorn officially announced that he is leaving the company in an official statement published on the VAG news website. In the few occasions Winterkorn seeks to express the shock it experienced in recent days.

I am shocked by the events of recent days. But above all, I am shocked that there was such misconduct at a level so great in the Volkswagen Group .

As in previous statements, Winterkorn assumed responsibility for the fraudulent results of diesel engine equipped with an environment of evading tests.

As CEO I take responsibility for irregularities found in diesel engines and asked the Board to agree to termination of my position. Doing this step in the interests of the company, even if the moment is not aware of any errors that I made it out of leadership.

Winterkorn Volkswagen Group argues that requires a restart and at management level. “Therefore, clear the way for a new beginning with my resignation“, said Winterkorn.

The official made it clear and transparent process of clarifying and should continue. Winterkorn claims it is the only way Volkswagen Group will overcome this serious crisis and regain the trust of fans and clients.

The press release ends a personal note: I have always been driven by the desire to serve this company, its customers and employees. Volkswagen was, is and always will be my life.

Who is Martin Winterkorn?

At age 68, Martin Winterkorn has started work in the Volkswagen Group in 1993, when the group became head of quality assurance within Volkswagen AG. Before that, Winterkorn has built a successful career in another successful German companies: Robert Bosch GmbH.

In 2000 it became a member of the Management Board of Volkswagen in the department of technological development. Meanwhile, Winterkorn was key in convincing character Ferdinand Piech‘s CEO Volkswagen, the new Beetle is an idea that can materialize. Since 2002, Winterkorn becomes Chairman Board of Audi AG and deals alongside the group’s other brands such as Seat and Lamborghini.

Since 2007, Martin Winterkorn is CEO of Volkswagen AG, replacing Bernd Pischetsrieder.

The duel with Piech and the first signs of decline

The function is preserved over the eight years, even before his resignation, his chair Winterkorn will shake once this spring, after a dispute with the same Ferdinand Piech, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, the inventor of the Beetle, a constant presence in the leadership of Volkswagen in the last 20 years. Aged 78 years, Piech resigned in April from all positions he held within the group after an internal war with Winterkorn.

Tensions between the two leaders became clear after Piech was isolated from the rest of the board members Shareholders who have supported Winterkorn following a vote of 5 to 1. A press release published on April 17 in the group called on Martin Winterkorn as the best possible president of VW Group. Forced by the circumstances, Piech resigned a week later. His wife, Ursula, has submitted his resignation in turn all the functions he held within the VW group.

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