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Lexus LS 2010 – recall in preparation

A small number of complaints were sent to the Japanese by customers about the steering system of the Lexus LS 2010, can respond and prepare for a Toyota Recall. Finally, it belonged to the maxim of Lexus, every little problem reported by customers to analyze closely and to develop improvements, which will then benefit all Lexus drivers, says the brand manager.

The problem: when maneuvering or turning maneuvers with full steering lock, it can happen to you quickly retrace that the steering wheel with a lag of about one to two seconds in the straight-ahead returns, while the vehicle is already back in straight drives. By a modified software of the system will VGRS Lexus ensure that this phenomenon will no longer occur. The standard variable steering ratio (Variable Gear Ratio Steering / VGRS) of the Lexus LS permits a lighter handling of the vehicle at low speeds and guarantees on automatic translation adjustments for optimal high-speed stability of the vehicle.

Interested customers can request for the period of repair a replacement vehicle. The delivery of additional new vehicles will be stopped until the implementation of the improvement measures being. Worldwide, nearly 11 500 vehicles are being recalled, including about 400 in Europe.

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