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Lada 2107 – end of career

The Russians from Lada announced that they will remove the famous 2107 model from production. Lada 2107 was manufactured in the same form for three decades and was based on Fiat 124.

Lada 2107

Lada 2107

AvtoVaz, the Lada brand owner, announced that it will no longer produce the 2107 model, also known as Riva. Russians give up at the famous sedan due to low demand for this model, remnants of the Soviet era, says Top Gear UK.

Lada 2107 – photo gallery

Lada 2107 – Lada Riva – Lada Granta

Lada 2107 was based on the Fiat 124, a model advanced for 1966 when it made its debut. At that time, the Soviets have initialed an agreement with the Italians from Fiat to produce their own licensed version of 124, which they have simplified it before leaving the AvtoVaz factory.

The Lada 2107 model was sold in several markets, including Europe, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Over time, the model was assembled in seven factories, located in Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Germany and Kazakhstan.

The model debuted in 1970 and received a facelift in 1981, but the technical platform remained unchanged over time. Lada 2017 received an injection system and a catalytic converter only in 1992, from obligation to comply with the modern pollution standards.

Lada Riva was replaced in the range by the Granta model, a sedan developed jointly with Renault. Lada Granta, the moral successor of Riva, is based on Kalina and debuted in 2011, in an attempt to respond to the young Russian customers.

The standard model has a 1.6 liter engine and 80 hp and a driver airbag. The top version develops 98 hp, has front airbags, ABS, power steering, front and rear electric windows, air conditioning, electric and heated mirrors, trip computer, alarm, central locking, MP3 player and heated front seats.

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Lada 2107 / Lada Riva / Lada Granta via | Top Gear UK

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