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Kia: alphanumeric designations for the future models

The top management of Kia is facing the appropriateness of adopting alphanumeric designations instead of names, instead of current models names, for the future ones. In some markets such as the home of South Korea, a group of models is already identified in this way: you can include the Kia Optima that is called K5.

The shift, which could affect the U.S. and not Europe would be for strengthening the brand image, said the Vice-President Chung Eui-Sun, interviewed by Automotive News.

If we add that the sister Hyundai has produced in recent times in such an operation, it seems that the road has been cleared in this direction. But, says Eui-Sun itself, the Americans have never proved particularly pleased by alphanumeric designations in market research. Ergo it is more to think about before making a final decision. Real problem or issue coy?

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