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Jaguar XJ: the hybrid from 2013

The right of first refusal was given to Land Rover, forcing Jaguar XJ postpone the hybrid a few months. But in 2013 we’ll have a hybrid Jaguar XJ . Jaguar that also introduced hybrid will use the platform from the Range Rover Sport Hybrid, made from eight ZF automatic transmission ratios: will be installed inside an electric motor (35 kW), powered by lithium ion batteries and synchronized to work in parallel with the six-cylinder diesel.

The British group will then continue the development of hybrid modules to propose, in 2015, with an architecture operating in series, even more refined species in electric mode: according to first estimates, even the most corpulent models can go at least thirty kms with an maximum speed of 70 km/h using only the electric motor to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 100g of CO2 per kilometer.

Here are some 2010 Jaguar XJ high quality wallpapers:

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