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Jaguar is planning a radical overhaul of the group

During a recent interview, the vice chairman of the Tata group, Ravi Kant, has revealed that Jaguar and Land Rover are in for a complete corporate reorganization. “Speed and agility represented the requirements of the renewed group, more streamlined genetic code of reality,” said Kant introducing the simplification work started by Carl-Peter Forster, CEO Tata: the manager is in fact working on post-trade strategy 2012 – following the launch of XE – which could comprise an unspecified model of access.

“We need an entry-level car. It is the very existence of the Jaguar-Land Rover.” Threw the stone, Kant has not released further details regarding size and segment, indicating only the possibility of working with a third brand that provides the platform. This uncertainty is amplified even minimal along the corridors of registered Land Rover, which is divided into two sections: if the range Range Rover has earned a total trust, you can’t say the same for the Freelander, Discovery and Defender models too different from a the other for not inspire thoughts are ill suited to their coat of arms.

Also because Kant has closed the interview with a cryptic sentence: “the UK market has an incidence of 25% of total registrations JLR. What we want may not be what most consumers want.” In short, even the traditional “british” quid  will be resized.

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