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Jaguar and Land Rover on track for growth

Tata, the Indian-owned British brands Jaguar and Land Rover are on track for economical growth. In March 2010 the Land Rover vehicle sales worldwide increased by 43 percent (43%). Total sales of all-wheel specialist in the world last month, over 24 000 vehicles.

Similarly successful Jaguar’s going. Sales for the XF in March rose by 53 percent  (53%) and for the Jaguar XK it was around 4 percent (4%). In the first quarter were 29 percent (29%) more global Jaguar XF buy as a year ago. In Germany, Jaguar sales increased by 34.4 percent in March and by 13.6 percent in the first quarter. Sales of Land Rover in the first quarter in Germany rose by 23 percent.

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