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How Honda has progressed in recent years

Throughout the near-century since Honda began, as a tiny automobile repair shop in Japan, the company has progressed to a level that Soichiro Honda could scarcely have imagined when he opened that shop.

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Honda has been the preeminent manufacturer of motorcycles since the end of the 1950s (something which arguably was achieved as a result of the decision by the company’s founder to move into the American market in the early 1960s) having risen to pole position in Japan.

This gave Honda the basis for the worldwide name and success that it has achieved in subsequent decades, but how has the company progressed in the recent era?

Honda – The company

Well it is currently rated as the seventh biggest manufacturer of automobiles – primarily cars and motorbikes – in the world while being rated the second largest in Japan and the fourth largest in America.

This means the company will still feel that there is room for Honda to continue to grow especially as it looks to try to overtake the two other Japanese manufacturers – Nissan and Toyota – which are currently above it in the marketplace.

Up to this point the success of Honda has been based to a large extent on the company’s willingness and ability to innovate as Honda has retained that strategy as part of its recent progression.

An example of this desire to be at the cutting edge of developments would be the involvement of the company in both aerospace and artificial intelligence research – both of which lie well outside the fields for which Honda is traditionally known.

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Asimo Robot

The company’s involvement in AI research dates back to 1986, but in more recent times has seen the emergence of the ASIMO robot, which was designed by Honda in 2000.

When it comes to aerospace the GE Honda Aero Engines Company was formed in 2004, and the first HondaJet is set to be released during this present year.

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